Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 Design completed

In late December the revised Pedalong design was delivered to manufacturers of prototypes in Chicago and Zakopane, Poland. is the website for the Chicago manufacturer and is the website for the Polish manufacturer.

This design features smooth pedal set extension-retraction and a clutch for disengaging the drive when required. Economics in manufacture has been attempted through use of many off-the-shelf bicycle and industrial parts.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Poland, Finland and Slovakia

Between October 8 and 18 my friend Jim Bremers and I visited parts of Middle Europe. The primary purpose was talking to Jan Karpiel in Zakopane, Poland, about my latest design for the Pedalong. It features modularity of construction which will simplify development. I've promised to deliver final drawings by year end, but expect much help from him and Rahul in component selection and outsourcing.

In Helsinki Jim and I included the Luther cathedral, the port, the Sibelius monument, an art museum, and some good meals in our wanderings. In Warsaw we spent time with Andy and Zanetta Rabczenko (some project possibities there, too). In Krakow, with Janusz Golas, Wawel, musical events, museums and a folk show.

Besides climbing in the Tatra Mountains and a day-long bus tour to Slovakia, we spent time with his dad, Stan, his wife, Morgan and their 5-year-old Andrezj.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Recent PEDALONG planning and hopes

During the summer we have developed a new concept simplifying the design problems. In October I am traveling to Krakow and Warsaw so Jan Karpiel will be getting this information and the Polish manufacturing and testing can begin. Also, construction of test units in Chicago will quickly follow.

Although David Brown is moving from Northwestern to UA Birmingham, he and his cohorts may still cooperate in an SBIR proposal. I continue to be interested in finding a partner in the US to assist with manufacturing, testing, marketing and distribution.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Plans change

Now we won't be writing an SBIR proposal for Pedalong. Redesign is continuing, plans are to build new units starting in August, and at that time prepare an SBIR proposal.

Friday, March 11, 2011

I recently delivered a much-improved version of Pedalong to Northwestern University Professor David Brown. I along with David, and his company – – will shortly be writing an SBIR grant proposal requesting funds for further developing, testing, clinically researching, and ultimate commercialization of Pedalong. David is a leading stroke rehab researcher and already has several pedaling devices in his lab.

Independent of this proposal, we are planning to build two more Pedalongs for testing here in Chicago and I am instructing my colleague in Krakow to proceed with building two there. (I have already paid for that work.) If we design for installation on Whirlwind Wheelchair's RoughRiders, we may have worldwide compatibility.