Friday, October 5, 2012

Status and next steps

The cross-axle, mast, rails, wheels, sprockets and chains are assembled.  Most other parts are machined and ready for final assembly of the completed prototype.

Pedalong plan – October 5, 2012

1) Finish the prototype, test it, and deliver it to Dr. Dave Brown at UAB in late November. 

2) File the provisional patent by that date. 

3) Complete the NIDRR proposal and submit it on their schedule.  Dr. Brown and Rob Kennedy at Turnkey Design, Inc., are the co-authors of this NIDRR proposal.

4) Locate a partner to continue developing Pedalong.  The partner should bring commitment, expertise, and some financing so that the second prototype can be completed, the patent filed, and more units built so extensive test marketing can be organized.

5) Further plans will be based on the results of the above steps.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Design all done

Today the design of the last parts was finished.  Most of the difficult parts have been machined.  Assembly by mid-July and shipment with David's lab to Birmingham should be possible.  Blue Cap is considering writing a proposal to get funding for a therapy program with kid subjects.  Still looking for a partner to help with marketing and financing.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Making parts

Ninety percent of the parts are now designed, and many of the cross-axle pieces have been machined.  Assembling the cross-axle with its differential will be an exciting step.  I took the previous Pedalong out of its wheelchair this morning and will be meeting an attorney about the provisional patent tomorrow afternoon. CAD drawings are being prepared by Rahul.

An SBIR proposal to NIDRR (National Institute for Disability Research and Rehabilitation) is partly finished, but the submission schedule has not yet been released.  Proving the value of Pedalong will be the primary focus of the next stages of its development.  Manufacturing efficiency and strength analysis will be elements of the continual design improvement.