Friday, October 5, 2012

Status and next steps

The cross-axle, mast, rails, wheels, sprockets and chains are assembled.  Most other parts are machined and ready for final assembly of the completed prototype.

Pedalong plan – October 5, 2012

1) Finish the prototype, test it, and deliver it to Dr. Dave Brown at UAB in late November. 

2) File the provisional patent by that date. 

3) Complete the NIDRR proposal and submit it on their schedule.  Dr. Brown and Rob Kennedy at Turnkey Design, Inc., are the co-authors of this NIDRR proposal.

4) Locate a partner to continue developing Pedalong.  The partner should bring commitment, expertise, and some financing so that the second prototype can be completed, the patent filed, and more units built so extensive test marketing can be organized.

5) Further plans will be based on the results of the above steps.