Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Complex, but workable design?

CAD work on the 2016 Pedalong will be completed this spring with help from Carlos Amor Gomez. Carlos will use this project to satisfy a requirement of his MS degree from his university in Madrid, Spain.

The design departs from earlier versions in driving the wheelchair by a single, steered front wheel which is pedaled by the seated user.  The primary design challenge (now overcome) was separating steering from pedaling.  Another major benefit of this 2016 design is the ease of coupling it to the front with minimum modification to the wheelchair.

Also, the Pedalong assembly can be rotated to the side to permit unrestricted access to the wheelchair seat and adjustability for user height will allow multi-user applications.

Along with its use in rehab centers, this 2016 Pedalong could provide enjoyable exercise during other hospital stays.

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